Friday, December 5, 2008

Tough Times? Resource Management!

Our daily responsibilities are growing. As our economic future becomes more uncertain, our time must be better managed. Demands on our time become insurmountable.

The best way for us to make it through this economic downturn is to plan.
What does that mean? As our time becomes more valuable, our ability to plan and delegate must sharpen.

Have an austerity program to keep your labor and expenses low. Make sure you are considering your customers (or guests in our case) and making sure they are being taken care of. No staff = unhappy guests. The staff you do have is interacting with guests. Maintaining a professional demeanor and exceeding their expectations.

Reach out to your past guests. These are your most valuable opportunities for future business. Use direct mail, e-mail marketing, bounce back offers, ask for referrals, etc...

Analyze your energy consumption. Do you have an energy plan? Do you try to regulate temperatures in a certain area? Do you turn off lights? Have you researched alternative energy resources? Solar, geo thermal, wind, water? Have you taken a hard look at your financial statement and each employee? Are you over spending anywhere? Are you using your human capital to the best of their ability? Is there a reoccurring charge that has fallen under
the radar?

Amidst all this planning, don't forget to make time for family, friends and personal interests. The time you allot to this will make the time you spend on analyzing and improving your business more enjoyable.